Project: Sturmgeschütz IV (Sd.Kfz. 167)


Manufacturer: Blitzkrieg Armour

Dimensions: ?

Weight: 67 Kg (148 Lbs)

Material: Steel (lower hull) and GRP (upper hull and Turret)

This kit, as supplied by Blitzkrieg Armour, represents a late production Stug IV. These kits are extremely well detailed and built as-is with the supplied parts, they will result in a museum quality model when finished. I have not decided on theater of operations for this one yet. I will be modifying the fighting compartment to represent an earlier production Stug IV with the MG shield, no piltzen etc.


It arrives!

The Stug was delivered very well packed and everything arrived in perfect shape. The first impression was WOW! this looks much bigger then the Panzer IV did. The fighting compartment is wide which makes the whole tank look big. It is also very, very well detailed.









































Removed from the box and cleaned up, the Stug IV is a welcome addition to the Panzer Trap collection.












Contents(Motors and saukopf mantle not shown)














More photos coming soon