Project: Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf E (Late Production)


Manufacturer: Armortek

Dimensions: 1373mm (54”) long x 622mm (24”) wide x 478mm (19” high).

Weight: 130kgs (286lbs)

Material: Aluminum and steel

This kit represents late production Tiger 1 and the finished model will represent Tiger #223 commanded by Oberscharfürher Jürgen Brandt of s.SS-Pz.Abt. 101, June-July of 1944.


Main Hull Assembly

The first thing I discovered while assembling the Tiger is that it is much easier after having built the Panther as my first Armortek experience. In the photos below, the main hull components are painted with a quality etch primer. I know many owners who prefer to "dry fit" all the parts first before any paint is applied to ensure the fit but for me, I prefere to sort of do any fit mods if needed along the way. The Tigers hull went together perfectly and required no mdoification or filing. Below are the basic sides, pannier floors and front/rear armor plates. You can see how nice the scale armor thickness looks in these ffirst photos. This is one of the many appealing features the Armortek models have.










Loose hull assembly and first modifications

Looks like a Tiger right away!











Rear plate is modified to allow for the rear deck and grills to be lowered . This will be a job later on in the build but this modification to the rear plate was done now while I could remove it.











The weld reliefs were also done on the front top plate at this time and the bolt recesses and mounting slot were added to the armor block and deck infront of the driver's vision port.











The first coat of texturing is added to the hull sides and idler positioning tabs are added.