The list of links below are companies, individuals and organizations we highly reccomend for your 1:6 scale vehicle and parts needs.


Vehicle Manufacturers


Armortek www.armortek.co.uk

Until recently, Mark and Gill were the only company producing "all-metal" 1:6 scale radio control tanks. They are still the only company offering models with scale thickness armor plates. Armortek has manufactured everything from Flak 36, 8.8cm gun to the massive Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf B (Tiger II). The models(kits) are released in limiited quantities. The models from Armortek require assembly. The best part about this is it allows time for detailing to your hearts content. Also gives the owner the satisfaction of having "built it" themselves.


Manufacturers of high-quality, all metal models with accurate detailing and functionality. Metalbox Models has produced the Opel Blitz 3T, a Panzer III Ausf H and a Sturmgeschütz Ausf G (early production). They are released in limited quantities. What sets these models apart is that they arrive completely assembled and ready to run out of the box.


Panzer Parts/Accessories Suppliers


Firma W. Piekenbrink contact

Simply, the best Panzerkampwagen VI Ausf B, Tiger II track links ever made.

Das Gießwerk www.giesswerk.de

Manufacturer of the finest, most accurate, scale track links and drive components in various scales, including 1:6th.

Armorpax www.armorpax.com

Dave has been producing the finest, scale, metal parts and accessories for a variety of Allied and German vehicles for a very long time.

6th Scale Icons www.6thscaleicons.com

Each one of Mike's quality parts is a work of art. Focusing on accurate, scale german parts and accessories for a wide variety of panzers and other German vehicles.

Steve Winstone contact

Another master at producing the highest quality metal parts to help put the finishing touches on your project.

Panzerwerk panzerwerk.com

Steve has been making quality, detail 1:6 scale resin parts for years and is a great source for a wide variety of Allied and German vehicle parts and accessories.


Richie has the cleanest control boxes and charging point set ups I have seen for large scale RC tanks. He also manufactures smoker units that perform better then anything before, including a new variable controlled smoke unit that allows you to control the amout of smoke, and when. If you want your panzer to have that "belch" of smoke at start up or rev, Richie's set ups are for you. Here's a link to one of his many videos of the smoke unit in action.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IF46NSR7CPI


Figure and Accessory Suppliers


Toys Unlimited www.toysunlimited.nl

Based in the Netherlands, Toys Unlimited is a great source for all your 1:6 figures and related accessories.




Paul's Tiger 1 www.paulstiger1.co.uk

Paul's site is a great resource for building 1:6th scale RC panzers and has a lot of other useful information and links.

egonzinc www.egonzinc.com

Eduardo's 1:6 scale vehicle and figure work is simply amazing and is a great source of inspiration.



Military Vehicle Technology Foundation mvtf.org

The MVTF oversees one of the largest and most significant collections of historical military vehicles in the world and is our primary source for vehicle reference.