April 18, 2012


Spring is here and there are some big plans

With Spring here and summer coming, we are hoping to make some good progress on projects that are close to completion , projects underway, as well as welcoming a long awaited vehicle project. More on this one soon.

So far, this year has been extremely busy with work, so not much happening in the shop with 1:6th scale stuff. Will try and make up for lost time in the months ahead.


Sturmgeschütz III Ausf G

It has arrived!! See the first photos here

What a great model right out of the box! Metalbox is currently updating their web site and the rumour is a few more models will be released later this year.


Opel Blitz 3T

This project has progressed nicely and all the electronics are mounted and working well. The next big task will be the completion of teh rear axle housing development so power can finally be delivered to teh rear wheels. please check out teh detail photos of it's arrival and basic assembly here. Stay tuned for more on this project.


Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I

The Tiger is almost ready for camo and weathering with only minor details to add to the mantle and main gun barrel. All the electronics, smoke unit etc. are working and ready to go. PArts that remain to be completed are:

-Driver's side ammunition storage rack


Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf H

The Panzer IV is waiting fo rthe final steps in painting which include the tactical numbers and final weathering. Other then that, it is essentially completed and ready for action. The parts for developement that are temporarily on hold are:

-Side Doors(detailed with correct scale handles, vision port and pistol port)

-Roof Vent interior and exterior detail

-External Air Filters (Ausf H)

-Commander's Cupola (detailed interior and exterior with semi-functioning armor covers)


Panzer Patronen Metal Series

There has been a lot of requests for more of the metal ammo and options for a more cost effective way to produce them are being looked at and researched.


Future Projects

The list of Panzers that have been added to the line for future projects has grown over this past year. They include a Tiger II and Sdkfz 222, a Jagdpanzer IV (L70) and a few other skratch-build projects in early development.


Orders and inquiries

Thank you to all who have contacted us regarding the availablity and prices of the new parts we are creating. We are working out final pricing as fast as we can and will add a price list and hopefully an easy way to order through this site when we have it ready. Until then, we ask that you contact us via email to let us know you are interested and we will happily add your name to the list of those to notify when pricing becomes available.