Project: Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Ausf G

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Early style idler developement begins.

One of the most distinctive features of an early ausf G, this part was important for me to reproduce for my Normandy Panther.











First attempt is drawn and parts are printed to test the fit and overall appearence. The plan was to have th epart printed in metal allowing for all the undercuts of the real wheel.











These fasteners were all I had on hand at the moment. Smaller ones will be used on the final version.




















After evaluating the idler and the cost of printing in metal, I resorted to plan B. I chose to design the outer rim and hub as a machined aluminum "functional" part and then create the detailed inserts for both inner and outer hub/centers. This will sacrifice some accuracy but still ahve the look of the early idler wheel.

Here's the drawing for new version showing the method of assembly. I made the detailed hub insert masters as well.